About Wyoming Friends Meeting

WyomingFriends.net facilitates communications for the Wyoming Friends Meeting (WFM), and aids people seeking a way to honor their own spiritual quest. The Unprogrammed liberal Quaker way followed by WFM encourages all seekers to learn to discern and trust their experience of the spirit, while learning to avoid false leadings (eg: ego / pride).

To that end, we have a fellowship of people with experience to help guide, and resources available to share. WFM shares people and ideas with Friends General Conference (FGC). Wyoming Friends shares resources with both the InterMountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM), and the North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM). Please check out the resources found in the links below shortened with goo.gl:
1. Religious Society of Friends — http://goo.gl/bi0db
2. Friends General Conference (FGC) — http://goo.gl/eVyrb
3. American Friends Service Committee — http://goo.gl/mWH0H
4. Friends Committee on National Legislation — http://goo.gl/PZJhd
5. Friends Energy Project — http://goo.gl/IVJGt 6. Quaker Earthcare Witness — http://goo.gl/wOpio
7. Young Friends — http://goo.gl/W99EN
8. Friends World Committee for Consultation — http://goo.gl/2jnIE
9. Quaker United Nations Office — http://goo.gl/tFqu5
10. Right Sharing of World Resources — http://goo.gl/4ZDFX
11. North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) — http://goo.gl/Oa5b8
12. Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM) – http://goo.gl/3ufMT
Organizations that are not part of the Religious Society of Friends but have many members / supporters from unprogrammed Quakers:
1. Alternatives to Violence Project — http://goo.gl/XfzgT
2. Nonviolence.org — http://goo.gl/8stXo
3. Wyoming Association of Churches — http://goo.gl/mZ2Ei

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